Franchising Opportunities

At Rhea Lana's® not only do we work hard together, but we have fun and live life together. We are excited about what this new year holds for us! We are currently in 23 states and expanding into additional states in 2014. With Small Market Territories and Large Market Territories available for application, we are ACTIVELY looking for franchisees!

In 2008, we expanded our footprint in the form of Rhea Lana's® Franchises by putting our years of expertise into a total package. By the end of 2008, we had 5 RL Events. Then in 2009, we TRIPLED in size with a total of 19 events in 9 states. In 2010, we DOUBLED with a total of 38 events in 15 states. 2011 ended with 47 events in 16 states. We expanded in 2012 to 62 locations in 20 states and in early 2014 we had 76 locations in 23 states. You can see maps of our markets here. One of the most exciting facts about our company is that we have not closed a single location in our five years of franchising! That is a remarkable record that demonstrates how much support we provide to our franchisees, how strong our franchise system is, and how incredible our people are.

In the 2010 and 2011 reports from Franchise Business Review, Rhea Lana's Children's Consignment, Inc., ranked in the Top 10 nationally in franchisee satisfaction. In 2011, Rhea Lana’s earned a spot on Inc. Magazine's 500/5000 List of the fastest growing privately held companies. Since Rhea Lana's began selling franchises in 2008, the company has experienced an impressive 263% growth rate. In 2012, our company was featured in Talk Business, Arkansas Business and Northwest Arkansas periodicals.


Introduction to Franchising with Rhea Lana's

  • An established children's clothing event can provide the income of a regular paying job. At the least. It's true. Working two-three months per year on a successful sale in a mid-sized market can beat a full-time job, leaving more time and flexibility for you and your family (during the down times!)
  • Children's clothing events are needed, especially in "down" economies. Instead of a specialty niche franchise which requires women to have spare income, moms will ALWAYS buy cute clothing for their children. These events are biggest when the dollars are stretched the farthest.
  • No Overselling. Many franchise businesses can't be truthful about this. Everyone knows - children need cute clothes.
  • Rhea Lana Riner has been holding very successful Children's Clothing Consignment events for 15 years. Our experience and high standards mean that our events are organized, streamlined and most of all - profitable! We hold six flagship events per year in relatively small to medium-sized markets - all very profitable.
  • Rhea Lana is an expert, and you'll be working with her and her great support team. With six successful events annually and fifteen years' experience Rhea Lana is the best. Rhea Lana's Franchisees will receive an exhaustive manual detailing the secrets to a successful event.
  • Rhea Lana's® is the original and best online tagging system available. No one has been bar-coding online longer and settling back to consignors more quickly than Rhea Lana's®. A Rhea Lana's® Franchisee will have the highest quality sale in her market. A Rhea Lana's® sale attracts the high value items which moms can't wait to buy.
  • A Rhea Lana's® Franchise is reasonably priced. Rhea Lana's® Franchises are lower in cost than other similar franchises - and offer much more. Rhea Lana's® does not carry a large overhead burden with lots of full time employees. But, the people we DO have are incredible! Our streamlined operations helps you invest more money in your business.
  • Our technology is included in the price. Your Rhea Lana's® website is included! While you will supply your computers and Microsoft software, the famous consignment management, barcoding programs, and web pages that make our system great will be yours to use absolutely free.
  • This market is untapped in many cities in the U.S. And your city doesn't have Rhea Lana's - yet. Whether your city has none, one or many sales, the time is ripe to introduce moms to Rhea Lana's®. Excellent Rhea Lana's® Sales always grow, even with competition.
  • A Rhea Lana's® Franchise includes exclusive rights to Rhea Lana’s® in your territory.
  • Rhea Lana's has had zero franchises fail since we began franchising in 2008. Some RL Franchisees have decided to sell their business for one reason or another, and have been able to quickly find a buyer due to the value of a Rhea Lana's Franchise. We believe in long-term relationships with our franchise owners. We consider our RL Franchisees like family and part of a very special network and support system.
  • The Franchise Fee of an exclusive RL Territory is $8,000-$10,500, depending on the size of the territory. Royalties are 1-3%. The percentage begins at 3%, then declines as gross sales rise and owners learn the business. This is the opposite of some franchise models. But at Rhea Lana's®, we want our franchise owners to keep more of their hard earned money! A current RL franchise owner in good standing may purchase additional territories at a discounted rate.

Rhea Lana's Children's Consignment, Inc. has received multiple awards over the past several years. President and Founder, Rhea Lana Riner has been featured in numerous publications including The High Profile Section, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and Women's Inc. Magazine. She also recently won a prestigious award from Enterprising Women, a national publication and foundation that honors entrepreneurial women with rapidly growing companies who seek to mentor other women in business. In the 2011 report from Franchise Business Review on Child Service Related Franchises, Rhea Lana's Children's Consignment, Inc. ranked #2 nationally. Also, Rhea Lana's Children's Consignment, Inc. was ranked number 65 in the Consumer Products and Services Industry section of the 2011 Inc. Magazine's 500/5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies. Since 2009, the company has experienced an impressive 403% growth rate.